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Full text of "Herbert Clarence Burleigh fonds - Family files series - Ludwick (TR 2)"

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- • ■■.. • - - -■ 

U. E. I. Claims, cont'd 

ludwick or 

He now lives in the 5th Township of N. Johnson. 100 acres on the 
i^ohawk river on Lease forever. He had a '.Varrant for it. 80 acres were cleared. 

He had a House, fiarn, &c, on it. He left 16 Horses, a yoke of oxen, 
6 Cows, Z Heifers, 24 Sheep, Hogs, furniture & farming utensils. Says the 
reoels turned his wife out of Loors & took all these things. 

Wits. Barnet Fredk. svvorn: Says his Br. had all cleared on his farm. 
He had it from their father. His stoc* was twice as good as Wits. It was taken 
Dy the rebels. 

Wits. John Smith sworn: Knew Lodowick Frederick on the Mohawk. 
Cannot tell why he aid not come in the first of the War. Says that most of his 
farm was cleared. He was a man of good circumstance. 



*J^1«&?5 Egg 



• '•'■••• 


im -wC *-«-»-^-<Jc. i n 

or Frederick. 

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U. £• L. Claims* 

433* ^viaenoe on the Claim of Lodowidc Frederick, late of Iryon Co., 
J. ¥ork Province. Montreal, 4thl, r arch, 1788. 

Claimt. sworn: 

Says he was a soldier in Sir John Johnson's XEgXX X X2XXE2 1st Batal. 
in 1783 dc gave a Claim to Capt. Byrne. 

He was horn in America in 177c (sic). He iivea on the L'ohawK river. 
He did not come to Canada until 1780, "out before that he never joined the rebtls. 
He sent his son to Canada with Sir John Johnson. 

He enlistea while in the States in Sir John Johnson's Segt. & servea 

the remainder of the War in his Corps. 


- • ■' 


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iSS' < *U'!k. ■'f—r.^imLZ 

L \9i ^SpBMf||wWP*£ipp 

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